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Wintersday Speculation – The definitive guide

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Christmas Speculation has officially began as Arenanet announce their latest addition to Guild Wars 2,  Wintersday! A Christmas themed event planned to run from December 14 to January 3.

As with previous events, prices have slowly began to rise players begin to speculate on pretty much everything and anything related to Christmas, Winter and snow. From what I have seen so far it looks like cooking ingredients are going to be the most popular items to invest in, considered the safest by most due to the low costs and large stock.

More adventurous players would be wise to “think outside the box” and approach the event from a new perspective, investing in the crafting materials, mini pets and dyes.

To help out those new to speculative investing, I have included a list of potential items below:

Wintersday Speculation: Cooking Ingredients

Wintersday Speculation: Toy components

Wintersday Speculation: Miscellaneous

Please note I have marked high risk items with an asterisk (*).  Investing in these markets will require a proactive approach to profiteer and is therefore only recommended for experienced traders. Market manipulation may be required.

I have also included some dyes, most of which are currently trading for under 1 silver each and which come in hues of red or white. Perfect for those who want to dress up as Santa Claus during Wintersday!

What will you be investing in for Wintersday?

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