11 June, 2013
by The Black Lion
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A Question about our Guild Wars 2 Flipping Guide

I’m just writing because I wanted to ask a few questions and tell you I really liked your guide on flipping items on the Trading Post in Guild Wars 2. I have a few questions I’m hoping you can answer:

  1. One of the bullets in your guides says “Then we check for market activity, is there a lot of movement in the graph?” I wanted to know – if there is or isn’t, what is the implication? is a lot of activity good? is a stable price better?
  2. Are there times of the day that are better for selling or buying?
  3. In your guide, using the Wrangler’s Bag example – you say “it’s important to note that only 10-20 bags are sold from the TP every day – what is the implication of that?

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10 June, 2013
by The Black Lion
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Gold Wars 2 Update: New Knowledge Base!

Today Gold Wars 2 has released a new update for their tool, including a brilliant knowledge base designed to share with you the best gold making guides around the web and to also teach you how to use all of the awesome Gold Wars 2 features.

Here’s a quick roundup of what’s new:

  • A new Knowledge Base section of the site, with an article called “Getting Started” to kick it off.
  • New quick-link to the knowledge base under the “more” top-nav link.
  • Much needed new icons to the user dashboard which links to all major section of the site. 
  • “Flippable items” link to the home page icons. This note worthy change should help new TP investors on their way to using Gold Wars 2 faster. If you have a better suggested search combination, please share it with us

You can find out more here.

1 June, 2013
by The Black Lion

Trade(r) Secrets: Improving Productivity

Improving Productivity on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post

Like me, you probably spend a lot of your time in Guild Wars 2 researching markets and undercutting competitors on the Trading Post. However, speaking from experience this can quickly get addictive and before you know it you have just spent the last three hours systemically listing 20000 onions for sale when you could have been doing something a lot more fun. That is why improving your productivity on the Trading Post is important – not only will you make gold faster, but you will also have more time to spend playing the game!

Use your hotkeys on the Trading Post!

  • Did you know that the middle mouse button can be used to increase and decrease the numerical values when buying or selling an item? You don’t need to click on each field and enter your desired price, hell you can even do it one handed now! (Just don’t do anything naughty with the other hand.)
  • Your keyboard arrow keys can also be used to increase and decrease the numerical values when buying or selling an item.
  • If you have a gaming keyboard or mouse, those fancy buttons aren’t there just for show – bind them for useful shortcuts. (For example, bind a mouse button to “O” and open the Trading Post UI with one hand, again!)
  • Alt+Enter will turn on Windowed mode, place Guild Wars 2 at one side of your screen and browse your favourite Trading Post tool at the other side. This will make you 76% more productive!* (suggested tools: gw2tp.net or goldwars 2)

Limit yourself to short 30 minute Trading Post sessions.

A good rule of thumb to use is to dedicate 1/4 of your time to making gold on the Trading Post and 3/4 of your time towards exploring the game’s world and/or running around Divinity’s Reach annoying the roleplayers. Not only will this make you more productive as you are up against the clock but it will also allow you time to appreciate the other aspects of Guild Wars 2.

Participate in your community

Trust me on this, participating in my server’s community is my number one method for finding out new patch content, market drops and profitable opportunities! I am a one man operation and looking for new gold making strategies can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack , it’s hard. However, if you have contacts who you can share gold making tips and tricks with.. they will nearly always return the favour in the future.

The global Guild Wars 2 community can also offer the same gold making tips as well, you just need to know where to look. I have personally recommend the Guild Wars 2 Reddit, GuildWarsGuru, Dulfy, blacklionsprofit (obviously) & guildwars2tradingpost.com.

There is also the private trading post forum, TP Extractor which offers a community of like minded individuals to share and speculate on the best gold making tips and tricks. It may not be the most active forum but there is a lot of knowledge there!

 *Out of 2 people reviewed, one said that they were now 76% more productive, the other had no idea what I was talking about.

31 May, 2013
by The Black Lion
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Competition Winner

Earlier in the week we launched our competition offering a free three month subscription to the brilliant Trading Post tool, gw2tp.net! 

I actually forget to set a deadline for the competition.. However, it ended today! Each valid Twitter entry was assigned a number and we ran them through the awesome Random Number Generator at RANDOM.ORG to determine the winner.

As you can see from the picture on the left, the number forty five (45) was chosen out of a possible 48 entrants. Great! But who was assigned number 45?

Click to reveal the competition winner!

23 May, 2013
by The Black Lion

Win a 3 months subscription to gw2tp.net

To celebrate the recent release of the Guild Wars 2 API (which will allow developers to create more powerful and accurate tools) we have teamed up with the guys over at gw2tp.net to offer our readers the chance to win a three months subscription to their powerful trading post tool.

To enter, simply tweet us at @blacklionsprofit with the following message:

@lions_profit I want to win a 3 month subscription to the brilliant #Guildwars2 Trading Post tool, gw2tp.net!

Alternatively, you can click on this link and our secret army of Asuran Golems will automate it all for you, simply click on the “tweet” button and you will be entered automatically!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Prize: Three months subscription to the gw2tp.net premium service.
  2. Only one entry per twitter account.
  3. Tweets must include a link to our @lions_profit account to be entered into the competition.
  4. All valid entries will be assigned a number and the winner randomly chosen via RANDOM.ORG

14 May, 2013
by The Black Lion

Sclerite Karka Shield recipe


The Sclerite Karka Shield is obtained from the “Secrets of Southsun” Achievements and is a back item with a pretty awesome skin! (OctoNorn is the best way to describe it)

However, it can also be combined in the mystic forge using the following recipe:

  • Sclerite Karka Shield
  • 250 Karka Shells
  • 50 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • 100 Passion Flowers

I don’t know what it combines into, but I am presuming it would be an ascended version. However, take a good long look at how epic this skin is and the ingredients required. Karka Shells, Passion Flowers & Ectoplasm will all be very popular over the next few days! (and possibly in the future)